”A lot of people see me as a clear Mirror because a lot of things are shown to them through I and they receive so much just by being in my presence.”


Medicine Woman | Mentor | Counsellor | Author

There are many different parts inside of us and I devoted many years to discover and understand them.

Life has initiated me in many different ways through different experiences that made me the person I am today. These experiences forced me to look deeper, helped me understand things that I haven’t understood before, understand myself better, and brought me continuous growth, development, and knowledge. Step by step, my soul wisdom was unlocked. I got to know myself, my inner processes, and how I act and react in different situations. Now I know what I need in a certain moment, depending on the cycle that I am currently in.

And yes, this journey wasn’t always easy but I never stopped, I never lost hope and I always went further. I knew that there is always a way (love’s way, heart’s way) and with a deeper understanding, a higher perspective, vision of things, and multifaceted understanding of lessons and things in every situation (heart seeing, heart understanding), you can go through this experience with much greater ease. And when the time is right, everything unfolds from there.

On my journey I discovered how much I love and support creative expression and expressing myself in different ways: through makeup (I worked as a makeup artist for 10 years), drawing, dancing, singing… I cannot stress enough how important it is to be who you really are and follow yourself, your inner voice, your intuition. How important it is to love yourself and respect yourself, to be self-sufficient, gentle, loving, patient, tolerant, kind to yourself, and to your body. To create the same relationship with the people around you. To create peace inside and outside of yourself.

So, with my own example and my own story, I inspire and encourage everyone that I work with to choose love over fear. To be in the moment, to be aware, to understand what is going on with them and then to rewrite their old (ancestral) patterns of thinking and ways of doing things. I teach people how to listen to themselves and everything that is going on inside of their bodies.

There is always something new opening up for me, I am always learning new things and integrating this new knowledge into what already know.

With my own determination to heal myself and my wounds, I have developed many different techniques that I now use in my healing sessions. Over the years I have developed my spiritual gifts and now I just want to share with you the wisdom that I have uncovered again by remembering who I really am.

I work in different fields:

  •  Individual sessions (deeper understanding of your current issues, challenges)
  • Various monthly or weekly meetings: meditations, prayers, activations, offerings, creative dreaming…
  • Heart products that support you on your journey (Divinehood products)

In this sea of endless possibilities, I am still discovering my gifts as well as developing and getting to know different techniques, which I include in my private sessions and other fields of my work. One of the techniques, that I discovered some time ago and am still impressed by it, is working with my voice (toning). I am impressed by its power and its effect. I discovered that I can tune in to the body and work on different blockages; different tones can also open up previous lifetimes, etc. Currently, I am called again to work on physical bodies. I started my path as a healer, as a therapeutic masseuse, then I practised different techniques that included breath and bodywork (Castaneda techniques, Osho techniques…), as well as dancing (5 Rhythms, Fusion dance), yoga… I am really excited to see what is going to come out of all that. Some pieces of the puzzle are still missing… But I believe that time will tell.

I am really excited that this path of discovering new things will never end and I know that I will never be bored.



Travelling is one of the things that inspires me the most. Learning from different cultures. I just love the inspiration that I get from people, places, and Mother Earth. I love to visit different sacred sites, sacred places. I love to connect with them and let them open inside of me whatever needs to be opened.

I love the gipsy inside of me.

I always wanted to travel the world, to spread my wings and simply fly. 

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    Blessings that I have received on my path. 

    • Pictures of orbs
    • People that brought a lot of blessings in my life: Frances, Teja, Kamai, Joanna, Oscar, Marija, Christian, Roberto, Lauren, Edita…

    Also, I am grateful for all the people that I have soul contracts with that made me grow, heal and release so much.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you