Be aware that when we, for example, call on and activate abundance for you, the Universe will first show you what is blocking your abundance, why you don’t have as much abundance as you want in your life. So it is not that we activate it and it magically appears, but you have to do some work as well. You have to make changes where it is needed so you will make room for the new, and the Universe could then provide that for you. You have to do the work and the Universe will meet you halfway.

I perform different rituals with the intention to call on and activate specific energies in your life. 

Group online activations | one-on-one online activations


One-on-one online activations

Energy exchange for one-on-one activation is EUR88, but if you also want to be guided in the process after the activation, if you would like to have my help while becoming aware of the consequences of the activation, and how you can better align your energy with what you want, then the energy exchange is EUR155.

Group online activations

Energy exchange EUR33.

I do group online activations on powerful days: portals, moons, equinoxes, solstices, eclipses…


What People Are Saying

I participated at the activation of the lion’s door on 8/8/19, this was not my first time, so I knew how things work. I felt the greatest difference and changes the next day and the days that followed, when I actually felt the energy returning to me, the thoughts in my head focus easily on the desired goal and everything else, that was a distraction or a disturbance, simply fell off me and that felt like a great relief.”


Tjasa Marin and I met when she traveled to Peru with me on my Sacred Sites Journey in June 2017. I found her to be a very loving and caring person. As well as a highly intuitive energy worker. She helped several people during the pilgrimage. Afterwards she came to Sedona, AZ, where I live. She offered an activation for my husband and myself to bless and increase our financial abundance. I immediately received several new clients for my England tour. And more inquiries. I highly recommend a session(s) with Tjasa, as her wisdom and understanding that she so freely and lovingly shares can only be to your benefit.”


Activations with Tjasa are very powerful. This particular activation was done with very specific intentions and results were seen immediately within the first 24. The very next day I had people approaching me relating to the intentions that were set for the activation it was incredible! These activation’s work on many different levels and will surface the lessons that are to be made in order to receive the blessings from the activation. My activation in particular was a very big one so there were many lessons and things I had to address to integrate the blessings received from the activation. Some of the intentions for my activation were about my doubts, fears, old belief systems and mindsets, and also I had a poverty mindset. It has been several months since the initial activation and every single intention (of many) I have seen significant improvement every single day which in turn has given me a much better prospective, attitude, understanding, and ultimately a better quality of life. Since this activation people have been coming to me for healings, I have been empowered, and I was able to clear the things necessary for all of these blessings to come fourth. Tjasa’s activation’s are truly a gift from God and I highly recommend them to those who are ready to face the lesssons and move forward in a good way! Aho”


When I started attending Tjaša’s therapies and meditations, I encountered activations for the first time. At first, I didn’t really understand what that meant. When we first performed them, I slowly began to perceive their purpose, as I thought that when you activate e.g. abundance, only wonderful things will happen. Well, that’s not the case. At first, everything that blocks what we intended to do or has been activated appears, and then it has to be cleared until it gradually falls off. Through this process, I have had the opportunity to observe events, my response to them and how I was participating in everything. Tjaša’s activations are extremely effective and powerful. Different things can happen even during the activation itself or the day after it. I just love activations … the feeling of yearning of a heart’s desire … the candles lit from the heart … their flames, smoke and poured wax tell stories … the magic of setting candles, crystals … cleaning the room … It is a real beautiful magic.”