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20-30 min READING
+ Frequency art

Take your life back in your hands by understanding yourself, your life better; deciding what you want

Listening, reading and interpreting the energy and the messages between the lines, has always been my way of fun. Cleaning the dust and removing the clouds standing in the way, so things can become clearer, and you can understand yourself and your life more in depth.

Looking into:

  • What are the steps forward?

  • What you are meant to learn from a specific situation, relationship...?

  • How can you grow from this and liberate yourself from old beliefs, change your mindset?

  • How can you be wiser, lighter, happier, healthier... create a better life (style) for yourself?

Sometimes we can already feel things, but we can not really put the finger on them, ground them completely; and the (fresh) perception of the third person, someone that is not involved in the situation we are in, can really help and support us. Other times we just need the confirmation for what we feel, and that we are on the right path.

When playing with different tools, such us oracle/tarot cards, we also have something physical- different illustrations, symbolism, words, that are the doorway for our own intuitive hits, realisations and AHA moments. 

Reading will help you see beyond the fences you have created and the box you have (or let others) put you/rself in. It will give you other perspectives and jump over fences and limitations, stretch your mind and open your heart.

When booking a reading
You can come with many different questions, which should be focused in this NOW, and with that help you better understand yourself, different situations, relationships. 
The more exact and clear question you will have, the clearer answers you will get,
and more to the jist of it, we can get. 
The reason why I want you to focus on this now 
is because this is the only time & place where your power is
and when and where you actually can do something about it.
Changing your perspective about past/=present/=future  
opens up for you all the unlimited possibilities and opportunities. 

When we are not sure about something 
When we don’t understand it
can not copperhead  what has happened 
When we are not choosing and deciding 
When we are in the mids of it 
Is where we loose lots of our energy.
As soon as we are clear
As soon as we know what we want 
As soon as we decide 
We are tons lighter
and the future again looks brighter. 
So hey don’t cycle anymore in this vicious cycle
Book a reading and take your life back in your hands
and don’t let others, different circumstances lead your life instead.



light codes, light language

that will support you in your Integration and transformation process

  • activate healing, transformation, purification, liberation of everything that no longer serve you

  • activate the necessary recalibration, readjustments, harmonisation on a body level, your organs, nervous system 

  • activate rewiring, reprogramming your mind 

  • activate emotional healing, liberation, purification

  • activate past lifetime remembrance (experience), gifts, talents 

  • ...

all depending on what you need at a certain moment and time

20-30 min READING + Frequency art

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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