What is grace? Grace is the exercise of love, kindness, mercy to benefit and serve others. Just support each other whatever is going on for us, without judgement, every path is different. We all have different lessons and judgement doesn’t help no one.

It is just a reminder also here to really let go of all the perfectionism, strictness (if you are maybe strict to yourself), if you have roles how things should be, how you should be, it is just a reminder to let go of that. Be kind with yourself. Just nurture

yourself with whatever is going on for you. I really want you to maybe just ground right now and just feel your body, feel what is going on for you. Just breathe and try to just receive all the information that I am sharing.

Practice gratitude everyday

that you are alive, that you have your home, something to eat, whatever is going on for you. Appreciate the beauty – of your own, your soul..
Being and experiencing grace involves also gratitude. Everything we experience in our life, no matter if it is hard, we should be grateful. At the end we will be able to see the higher, bigger picture. Everything is divinely orchestrated. It is really tailored for us to grow and to step on a path of our mission. Whatever challenges we are having in life, be aware of them.


If you are able, share love. It is so needed right now. Let us create something beautiful. Put positive thoughts out there. Explore your inner world. Put this love out there. Do it without any expectations. Do it for yourself. Do not expect anything for return. Even in relationships it’s really important that we are not convincing anyone into something. It is important that we understand and accept ourselves and that we share this acceptance, grace and gratitude. Love is the strongest force in this universe. We can conquer everything with love.

When you will accept your body the way it is, this is the foundation the happiness and creating the life you desire.

Let’s create more rainbows and miracles in our life

All the cruel things are coming up to the surface. But remember – there is a light in the end of the tunnel. Where is rain, there is also sun and RAINBOWS. Let’s create more rainbows and miracles in our life. We can lose faith and truth into divine – there are our biggest tests. They can push our spirit to takeover. Allow your soul, heart, higher self to take over. Life is testing us in so many different ways. Let us create also and allow our spirit to take over in the times when it is not so extreme and we don’t have to go in a totally different direction.


Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

It’s about the control and how we want to stay in the comfort zone. It cannot go back to normal. These experiences are changing us. Embrace the change. Open your heart and see what is there to observe. Do the steps forward, step by step everyday. Just trust your inner guidance with every step that you take. It’s okay. What do I have to do in this situation? We are seeing the experiences from so many points  of view – there is not just one way to change something, or to grow. There are infinitely many opportunities. Just allow yourself to open to all of that. Love yourself – and you’ll receive that from the outside world. Really just follow your current guidance – this is according to your cycle. Just try to listen to your body, to your cycles and explore that. It’s about doing things differently. We cannot expect the change if we are doing things the same way.


All your struggles and concerns to the divine. We don’t have to do anything by ourselves. Ask for help, ask for guidance. Ask your soul, your heart and divine self to take over. Focus on the healing and putting it up to the universe. And there is this universal law – the law of divine and the mercy. We can ask for it when we are struggling. We can pray and ask for divine mercy. Ask for resolution for whatever is going on for us. Really just allow the divine to take over for us. It’s connected with karma. Karmic mercy. It might be connected with our past lives. What we are, we’ll receive it back. Be aware of it.


There are forces bigger than us. Some things in our lives are bigger than us. We cannot control the outside world. It’s not about manipulating. It’s about putting intentions out there and co-creating with the divine. At the end everything is going to happen with your highest good. With ignorance we can hurt many people on our path (when we act from our wounds, ego).

Most of the time we are not even aware of what we are even doing. That’s why humility is so important. See things differently and see ourselves differently.


If we ask for forgiveness, this brings us liberation. When you forgive, two souls are free. This is just weighing us down. We are vibrating with it. We are attracting even more of it into our life. It’s not about ‘I forgive you’ – there is a difference between saying that and really experiencing that and to feel that liberation in your heart. You just feel it in your heart and it is not influencing you in your life.

Focus more on the positivity

Don’t use your energy for anger, frustration, worry and other low vibe emotions. You have the power to choose. Even with everything that is going on it’s important that we also focus on the positive. Even if we don’t know the way out, ask for the law of mercy. Ask for grace. Ask for guidance. Open in your heart, open yourself to receive. If you’re going to do it that way, I guarantee you that you’ll get the guidance. It also depends on your spiritual path – how much you are mastering your feelings, how much you are aware. Never forget that you have a free will, that you have the power to choose.