What it actually means is who is an empath and how can you support yourself?

I’m just gonna share my own knowledge about it, what I have learned with it, because I can say I’m one of them. It can be overwhelming sometimes. We are always learning on our paths. We can come accross different challenges. When you know and understand what is going on, you can easily recognize it an repeating cycle. It’s important to explore what is going on inside of us.

The term empaths comes from empathy, which is the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others outside of your own perspective. 

Empaths can easily become overwhelmed by everything that is going on. They might have a a lack of filters and boundaries, being highly sensitive (to noises, crowds…). They really feel things on a deeper level and that’s why they can understand you, even if  they haven’t experienced that specific situation by themselves. They experience other people’s emotions as your own. Sometimes you might ask yourself: What’s actually mine? What is from others?

What you need to know

You are not responsible for other’s emotions, feelings, what they are experiencing, just to really know and observe that. You need to help them – because you know what is going on. With that being said it’s important to help people who ask us for help, not that we are taking on their stuff, because maybe we know what is going on. It’s not about taking this on yourself. They have their own path, which they have to master. They need to face the lessons they are having, for the process of growing. We all came here to learn and grow. When you are sharing what you are feeling or experiencing with other people, it’s also important that there is the right moment. It’s really about honest communication, direct communication, being compassionate, loving, kind, just sharing your own perspective. You don’t know what’s the best for a specific person. You can share your gifts and do what maybe they can do, but at the end they take the final decision about themselves.

Tune in

Recognise when and how you can tune in other’s emotions, feelings. Just know that by tuning in to other people’s emotions or any kind of environment, if you are really tuning in means that you are going to take things on yourself. Heal the parts of yourself that you are tuning into other people and environment – past experiences, they maybe don’t trust other people. By tuning in you feel like you have control, but tuning in into other’s person without their permission, that’s not what you came here to do. I totally understand that this is happening for you totally naturally and you don’t know what is going on actually in the moment, so just really try to see when you are tuning in and coming back to yourself, back to your body. What helps with that? Instead of tuning in, learn to just observe and be a witness. Really tune in to things if people ask you for that, because we have so many things to learn here on Earth, also about ourselves, we are learning through relationships and other people. Just focusing all the time on other people – you didn’t come here to do that.


Discernment is really important for Empaths. What is originally yours and what is from other people? Which emotions and feelings are actually yours? Sometimes things feel familiar, because you went through that. You don’t have to go through something over and over again. That’s not the point. You’ll repeat unnecessary lessons. Learn different perspectives. It’s really important what is originally yours and really to get to know yourself better, who you are, how you act, how you react. Boundaries are also really important. When you know that something is not mine, this is yours, this is your responsibility, I can be here for you in that process like support you, love you, but dont take it on.

Giving and receiving

The balance is important for an empath. Most of the time empaths are givers. It’s important to receive and also to recharge. It’s important to stay grounded. We can easily become overwhelmed, confused. Confusion comes because we don’t know exactly what is going on, because our energy might be too scattered, being in so many places at once. This is the reason why we cannot handle it, maybe we just want to cut it, not feel it.


This is so important for an empath. Find different ways to do that, not just one. You are one of the people who give a lot, so that’s why we have to find different ways for us to recharge, to come down, to help you go back into your centre, to help you ground, to stay in the moment here and now and also to really let go whatever you are feeling. Don’t get into that emotions, into whatever is going on, don’t go into that loop, be an observer and see. Protect your energy. Find your own way. You will find something different that will support you. If you are maybe using crystals, don’t forget to regularly clear them. They absorb the energy, so it’s helping you that you are not observing anything. Perfect to do it on a new or full moon.


Create yourself a safe, sacred space on your own. Find it also inside of you. Especially in a hectic situation, find this space in your heart or somewhere you feel totally safe, no matter what is going on. This will bring you sanity. Because you are so sensitive, you also have to clear yourself even if you are in a relationship with your loved one. These are the people from whom you are mostly taking things on you.