Process of growth never ends, we are always growing, evolving. There’s always something new we can explore. We can stop that because we are in the comfort zone or stuck in something, but we came to Earth to grow and experience this physical reality.

The year is 2020 is the year of growth and change. What is important, is that we are aware that we are grounded, present, that we are in the present and that we see what is going on, exploring and seeing how we are reacting, how our body is reacting to the change. On the Earth is programmed that change is something scary, most people are resisting the change. It’s easier for them to stay in their comfort zone. It’s important to stay open minded, open hearted, and vulnerable, because this is allowing us to seek for better opportunities. Feeling things, seeing and being aware for we are reacting is really important.


To see the change, we have to do things differently. Change is not something bad. Everything is changing all the time, we are changing all the time, we are also getting older, we are getting new experiences, meeting new people and all of that. In the Universe is everything moving all the time. Our problem is that we are out of alignment with ourselves and nature’s natural flow. In this process it is important to have understanding and support. Change is exciting. It would be kind of boring if everything stays the same all the time. Everything is alive, we are alive. Experience this life, this reality.

You are good enough

Because we have all this pressure, all the expectations and all the things going on, many people just put the defences on (defensive mechanisms) – I’m strong, nothing can kill me – or that you have to be strong and then we are not allowing ourselves what is going on, to experience what is there. Because of all that we put walls on, we are pretending and with this we also convince ourselves that everything is okay. By that we are suppressing our emotions, that are inside of us. This is blocking the process of growth and change. This is not allowing us to develop, to expand. Just be authentic, just be with what you feel that is right. It is also really important in this process, in this change in this growth process, to believe and trust in our gifts. It’s like a reminder – don’t forget who you are. You have all the answers inside of you. The time of growth is the most important time that we really support ourselves, one of the techniques is meditation.

 It’s different from what we see what is going on and we accept it, we understand where it is coming from, why we are reacting the way we do and then we see that this is not serving us – and because of that, the love towards ourselves, that’s why things change. It’s a different thing when something is not supporting you or that something is wrong with you. Something is about fear or love. We are always changing because of our surroundings. This is a huge blockage to your abundance. I really want you to take into that. Take responsibility for yourself, not on other people. This is a total unbalance. It’s really happening for a lot of people.

Is something wrong with me?

A lot of people are asking themselves – why is something happening to me? What is wrong with me? The consequence of that is struggle and frustration. Watch the documentary about social dilemma – it’s talking about Facebook, Instagram and our world we are living in, how all the technology is affecting us. The whole concept is made on gaining money. Everything is based on money. We are not considering and receiving money from it, how this is affecting us and other people, to being exposed to all the energies, how this is affecting our auric field. This is creating a lot of insecurities for people and non acceptance. Look into that and see how you feel when you watch all those things. How is your energy changing with that? This is a shadow part. There is a lot of distraction and one of blocks during your growth process.

We can be all in these different media, or maybe reading different things, distracting. It’s good to know what is going on, because this is allowing us to create our own opinion and to check what is our truth. I wanted to really mention this aspect, because all the energy we are exposed to, is affecting us and our change(internally, externally). We are reacting to it, if we are aware of it or not. I encourage you to really see how much you are judging yourself and others, how much you are competing with others. This is from fear, totally unaware.

You are acting from your ego – you are just doing things to prove yourself, that you are good enough, that you are worthy. But there’s nothing wrong with you. Understand that every path is different. Everyone is different. What is good for me, is maybe not good for you. Comparing and competing is so unnecessary – because of this you are just disconnecting yourself more and going away from what you came here to do.


Because of all the wounds, a lot of people want it their way and only their way. It’s about wrong and right, good and bad. This happens mostly in relationships. They want a specific, certain way. This is stemming from childhood, because they wanted us to be specific. If something was different, what is connected with the change and growth, it was not okay. This is happening unaware for our parents. No judgement here. Just know that this means that you are not accepting things, people or you as you are. If you don’t get things done the way you imagined them, if the relationship is not going into the direction we’ve imagined to go, then we feel again that something is wrong with you, why you are not having something in your life, why are others having it and me not? Please look into that, be aware of that. See these aspects of yourself and this wounded ego part, because this is really supported right now to heal, to let it go and allow yourself and be your authentic self.


It’s not about finding a way to manipulate and get things, it’s about co-creating with the Universe what feels right, in the highest good. Look into yourself, are there blockages? Maybe this is not for you. In this way you are not going to be happy, because you know that you just got that in your life because you manipulated that. We all seek love and acceptance. If we express ourselves and if we say what we need, we give the chance to get that to ourselves and also we open these doors. When we open up, other people also open up. They are not so closed up anymore. I really wanted to stress this part as well – how the manipulation is ‘normal’ – but it’s not making anyone happy. When you are manipulating others, you’re also convincing yourself. But something inside of you doesn’t feel right and you cannot be happy. Growing is going with the flow – listening to yourself, to your body – what does it say? Why are things happening the way they do? Change things for love, because they are not supporting you. This is the right way to do the change. Just be.

Letting go of control is also really important. Because we cannot control the process – the thing is about  being aware and about seeing what is going on for us and letting go of all the aspects – pressure, acceptance, strictness, neediness, comparing, competing, doubt and worry. Just be a witness in a process of change. This allows you to enjoy the process. Things are happening for our highest good and why is it happening – what is it teaching me? Listen to your body, inner wisdom, soul, higher self what they have to say in specific situations and you’ll be able to rewrite anything.

Acceptance and compassion

Be more kind and loving with yourself. People are just self-destructive, judging, strict. This is not the way it works. it is prolonging the process of growth. Have faith and trust in yourself, in the Universe, in other people, that things are happening for a reason. When you see things from a higher perspective, you can just say thank you. It is connected with one of your biggest lessons. This is the MAGIC. You know the aspects. The Universe is asking you – do you still want to do things the same? You get the chance to rewrite it. Just know that and really be open in your heart, allow yourself to receive the necessary information, receive the healing. The most challenging part here is to stay open. When we have similar experiences connected with time, this is the magic. It takes time to let go of something. It is really supported right now quicker than ever before. So be aware of that and just know that this process is going to be shorter every time. When you know yourself, you know in a specific part of your journey what you need. You see what you need. Everything is changing, transforming quicker. Things are happening naturally. Allow yourself to be in that flow, see how magical things are created. We have this chance now to really grow, to develop, to really awaken everyone of us, to really reconnect with ourselves.

We need connections

Support is really important. Sharing stories is important. It helps. You are not alone and not the only one going through things. Talk about it, write about it, meditate on it and support yourself with enough water, body movement, because this is how we move energy, like going for a walk. We can sing, dance and immediately change the energy. Seek and ask for help when you need it. Ask for support when you need it. It doesn’t mean that you are weak.

There’s also surrender and humility

We are entering something totally unknown. We need to open up to see new perspectives. If we cannot do that, we cannot do the change. We’ll repeat things over and over again, we might judge or fight. We are not kids anymore. Surrender to the flow and be humble. See if the Universe is bringing us a certain, specific situation, a person. it is bringing it to us for a reason. Be aware of it and see what is going on. It’s important to be open to see different opportunities, there are unlimited possibilities for you. This is gonna help you to stop this unnecessary suffering. This becomes because of fighting yourself, fighting with the truth. It’s important for us to step out of this, of all this programme. Let’s rewrite it.

Change is beautiful, like butterflies. See how much you’ve grown. With the biggest challenges we get the biggest lessons in our life. Know that everything is  a part of a divine plan and it is tailored especially for you. When something is repeating, there’s something for you to learn. You are the catalyst for this change. Know that. Do the necessary work for that.