My brothers and sisters and their work



With Nina Ninuri I cocreated the activators for The 2020 Guide (Weekly Schedule Planner; More than a Planner!), she also did my new logo and all the graphic designs I am currently using. Our energies just clicked and the magic happened. 

This is not the only thing she is good at. She is a real multitenant: she draws, designs cloths, accessories, different objects... And everything she does, she uses recycled materials in the process. She always does everything intuitively (following and trusting every guidance that she gets) and this is where we resonated the most (in the end everything makes sense). So this was a really nice exchange of energy, different knowledge and wisdom. The last thing that we did together, before I left for Bali, was 3 ritual tattoos. Last year was quite a ride for me and some of the predestined things, people, situations, manifested in my life, so I got the message to do three different tattoos for three major things, events. They may look like simple tattoos but they have a special meaning, energy, intention and a story behind it.  While she was making one of them, my whole body was trembling, my heart opened up and I just started crying. I was grateful to have my two other friends there, supporting me in this special tattoo ceremony that we did together (we each got a tattoo, including Nina). It was a huge release, the end of a significant cycle for me... Ending the cycle of lifetimes. 
I really admire her brilliance, her work, the magic she does with everything she touches. When you look her in the eyes you can feel the presence of so many ancestors and indigenous tribes. 

Check out her profile... Lately, she has channeled many tattoo designs. Every one of them holds 'specific energy codes' (energy signature, special energy) and you will feel it in your body if there is one for you (when the time is right, your intuition will tell you what is the meaning behind it) to balance and activate the energies you need on your current path.
She uses a handpoke which is a cherry on top of the whole experience. This allows her to move: she can do tattoos in the nature, at her home, at your home (so many options) - and everything depends on current guidance. 

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