Did you always feel like something was missing in your life?

Like, things were repeating over and over again, and you didn’t understand why, what’s the lesson in this situation. So, if there’s something like this, this topic is going to be really interesting for you.

Long sleeping parts are parts that were rejected, suppressed, unwanted, unaccepted. Mostly it starts with our family and society, because you were different in any kind of way. Another reason this could happen is because there was no place and understanding, nobody to share these parts of you with and because of that you felt weird.

The parts that were rejected, unaccepted by your parents, are the parts that you reject later on your path as well. Those are the parts that you disconnect yourself from, because that experience was too painful – if maybe your mother didn’t accept you the way you are, or your father, brothers, sisters… We had different challenges with different relationships, our partners. Sometimes with everything that is going on, we are actually opening up the wounds from our past. It’s really important to look into these parts that are always there. We maybe just pretend that they don’t exist, but later they come out in  different ways.

How did you feel in your childhood? 

How many times did they shut you off or did they just didn’t allow you to speak your truth, to be loud or happy, or how many times did you feel that you were maybe too much or not enough? 

How many times were you sad, because of all those reasons? 

How much pain was there in your childhood? 

There are things that can be really challenging – like body changes, people can make fun of them. They are hormonal and it’s a huge transformation and change in their bodies. Be considerable with your teenagers, with your kids. Those are all the reasons why we disconnect from ourselves. Know that people that wound other people were also wounded and treated this way. 


So the question is, what kind of parents did you have? 
What kind of relationship do you have with them?

It is not an excuse for people to treat others bad, but maybe for you to understand them better, for deeper understanding, because this will help you to heal all this and to forgive them. This will bring freedom. The last part of the healing process is forgiveness, because we have to go through all these different stages, where our boundaries were crossed, going into anger and allowing ourselves to feel the anger is also really important. I’m mentioning anger here, because this is one of the emotions and also the pain, that is the most judged and rejected. 

What kind of parent are you to yourself?

How are you treating yourself?


Everything starts with rewiring, rewriting all these patterns. I invite you to go deeper and observe what kind of relationship you have with yourself.


Until you dive deep within and until you become aware of different ancestral patterns, you are mostly treating yourself the same way they did. This is happening for many people, totally unaware. And that’s why I’m really encouraging you – start observing this. Observe. Observe all the expectations, all the pressure you’re putting on yourself daily, how much were you expecting from yourself to be perfect. This PERFECT means that you are trying to be what they wanted you to be. Be yourself. Instead of that allow yourself to express your needs, your desires and choose yourself, because when you really express yourself, then you’ll be vibrating with this frequency, and you’ll attract the people, with who you are really connected with on your soul level. It’s important to be present and grounded. 

Be conscious of the situations and people that unground you

See what is there that you are avoiding, see what is there that you don’t want to see, to feel, because the only way to heal is to feel. Listen to your inner child and give it whatever it needs. Be kind, loving, passionate with yourself, because this process of healing and rebuilding takes time. You are living a different way for the whole life.

Know that you are not stuck in a specific situation anymore. You are not stuck in this family. This is why we feel stuck in our life, like we don’t have a choice. Know that you are a grown up now and see the relationship, where you are depending on other people. We don’t need to create dependent relationships anymore, all the power is within you. You can do things differently now, because now is the moment where and when we change our past, present and future. Do things differently, don’t do it all over again, don’t go into the same cycle. It’s exhausting and it can be really painful. Choose yourself and live your life for yourself, not for others, not to please others, and live the way you want to.

Everything starts with you

Everything starts with healing the relationship with yourself. The relationship is a base for all the relationships in your life. Before that, the base for everything is your family. Step out of this, don’t feel stuck anymore. Let’s reconnect with all these long lost sleeping parts of ourselves and accept them, not just connect with them, but also accept them. Accept them the way we are. This process can be painful, stressful, so just allow yourself to go just step by step and just as much as you can do at the moment. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Have more trust in yourself, intuition and Universe – that everything will come up when the time will be right. But first you have to open yourself for this healing and also become more present, grounded and have this intention to reconnect with all these parts of yourself. Just look into that – what is there? Behind all of this is a lot of potential. With healing all of this, we are opening all our gifts, and really step into our power. We are recognizing more who we are, what we want to do in our life, what really matters to us.