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Energy exchange for meditation: EUR13


“Meditation as a way to nurture and take care of yourself.”

Your body is your temple. This is why it is important that we treat it kindly and take care of it. Our body holds inside all the memories (suppressed, not expressed), emotions that we don’t have the courage or don’t know how to express them, and stress. Eventually, they manifest as different blockages that can lead to diseases. Meditation is one of the tools with which we can regularly connect with ourselves and breathe through the experiences, emotions, and thoughts that are currently present in us. Breathe them through by just seeing them, being aware of what is going on will bring us peace.

Advantages of regular meditations:

  • You can establish a deeper connection with yourself and everything that is going on within, inside you;
  • You become lighter: start regular work on the things that are bothering you;
  • In time you will learn conscious breathing (connecting your breath with different parts of your body);
  • You are calmer, more confident, more connected;
  • You learn how to calm your thoughts and just be with yourself, just with the breath; be present, be grounded, be in the moment;
  • Less stress, less worry;
  • Meditation can be balancing, transforming, relaxing… depending on what you are working on.


Group meditations are more powerful because of the power of a group (unified field).

In the world that we are living in, there is so much fear, judgment, destruction, confusion… and this is why it is of great significance for us to take time to connect with ourselves. We are exposed to so much information, energies… that it is necessary for us to keep this balanced and ground ourselves regularly.
At the same time, we have so many errands, responsibilities… so we have to take some quiet time: to just be with yourself and what you feel inside; to care for, to nurture yourself.

Our way of life can really make us forget about ourselves: if we forget who we really are, what we need, desire… we will get lost in everything. We will lose ourselves. So it is important to maintain that connection with ourselves; to focus on ourselves regularly.


It is of the essence to be PRESENT, GROUNDED in your BODY, so you can better deal with everything in your life.


Other scientifically proven advantages of meditation:

  • better focus, concentration, and consequently, increased productivity,
  • less stress,
  • better memory,
  • balanced blood pressure,
  • better immune systems, less pain,
  • more compassion,
  • less depressive, more emotionally balanced,
  • more fertile,
  • better skin,
  • less impulsive; fewer cravings, addictions,
  • more optimistic, more content,
  • deeper acceptance of yourself and others,
  • better sleep.

When you are connected with yourself, you have fewer DOUBTs, you don’t feel so INSECURE because you know who you are and what you want. Knowing your needs and desires, you won’t have any problems with making decisions.

Of course, it takes time to get to that stage but when you are practising meditation in a group, the energy and power increase and you can get better results in a shorter time.

Meditation will also help you relax your mind and body and connect you more with your soul, your higher self. Of course, it takes practice but it is worth it because of all the results it brings.

I practice guided meditations (on-line: zoom) in a group. I always explain everything and I will guide you through the process: you simply follow my voice and different required steps… and then dive deep within.

Do meditation to check in with your body… what is really going on inside.

Do a regular check-up. Care for yourself and your body.

What People Are Saying

“The first time i tried meditating my thought was “no, this is not for me”. It was hard for me to stop my thoughts and I always ended up making shopping lists in my head and thinking what all still needs to be done that day. Far from the enlightenment one would expect. I gave it up. When i was introduced to Tjasa’s meditations the same thing happened but I thought this time i will give it a proper go. I tried to silence my mind and really focus on my breathing.  It was not about me being incapable of meditating but about fear and confrontation. Once i really allowed myself being carried away by Tjasa’s voice it took me to a wonderful world of my inner self, moments long forgotten and fears that needed to be recognised. Sometimes full of laughter and sometimes with uncontrollable tears but always ending with a great feeling of calmness knowing all is ok. Now when I start putting together shopping lists during meditation I know right away that Tjasa is guiding me through one that will elevate me on a whole new level.”


“Tjaša’s meditations mean a lot to me. They are part of caring for my mental and physical condition. I like to listen to her and work with her because she speaks and advises from her own experience and knowledge. Her meditations always have a powerful effect on me and open my eyes in many areas. I have known Tjaša all my life and I can say that she has found her way of light. This path has brought her to the talent she shares with others. We can be thankful that she shares her knowledge with us.”


“A gentle but at the same time very strong connection with your true essence, which helps to strengthen it and sometimes rediscover it.”


“I experience these meditations as a powerful tool for self-healing and transformation. They provide an energy space where I can go into the depths of different feelings, dynamics, patterns… to observe them and see how they affect me and my life. I love the way Tjasa explains a certain theme(subject?) from different perspectives and layers of existence at the beginning of every meeting. This gives more insight into the complexity of human psyche and behaviour and helps to understand the issue. Because of this I can explore/heal myself in a more profound way during the meditation itself. Meditating really helps me holding my center during these turbulent times. And I always feel some greater presence of the higher beings channeled by Tjasa. Her support and guidance helped me navigate through many life challenges and I am deeply grateful for that. “


Meditations take place in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Tjaša takes you on a journey with her voice, and what kind of journey it is depends on the topic of meditation. In the end, she always answers the questions that arise and offers some useful advice for the future.”


“Tjasa is an amazing, loving and beautiful very down to Earth healer with deep wisdom and wide knowledge. Before everything came back into its place again (in more stable, lighter, self-loving, true self way), all old essences had to fell off. She had guided me to realise them, gave me tools to let them go and helped me seen situations through different perspective. The effects of her sessions are immediate, forever-lasting but the transformative process can be evolving even for half a year. She is also there to support you on this journey. I deeply recommend her to everyone who is ready to go through deep inner and outer transformation.”


I came into contact with Tjaša due to my back problems, for which we found that the physical pain was the result of accumulated emotions from the past. We then performed some individual meditations, and later I also joined group meditations. Each visit enabled me to get rid of the clutter that accumulates in us every day in different situations and at the same time I began to get to know myself and my responses, which made it easier for me to function in both the private and business world. Thanks.”