Do you want to CHANGE your life for the better but the changes never stick? Are you ready to see yourself grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in just 33 days and watch the changes reflect in your life, the old habits fall off, and the new you emerges like a butterfly from the cocoon? IT’S TIME TO TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!

I prepared a 33-day intensive LIGHT MENTORSHIP program for all those who really want to make a change in their life, but don’t know where to start, what to do, for people who feel trapped, lost in the circle of life but don’t know how to get out of it.


Energy exchange for my sessions:

33 days light mentorship is EUR888.


In the program, we go deep (step by step) to the core of your problem. It is based on a personal approach. We work on things that are currently open (for the group) and make your life miserable.

This program will help you understand yourself and your actions, how you participate in and co-create situations and experiences that you don’t really want to create. Once you understand and see for yourself that there are other ways and opportunities, you can steer your life in the direction you want, you can rewrite old patterns and live your life the way you want to. 

In this program, you will get to know and understand more about yourself, your actions, your reactions, what you need and how to support yourself in the situation and the process you are currently in. Little by little, you will step into your power, into your true essence. You will recognize what you feel, the messages of your soul and of your body.

You will also have a chance to change your old habits and create healthy daily routines and rituals that will support you on your journey.


  • A deeper understanding of yourself, recognition of your needs;
  • A deeper connection with yourself, your heart, your soul, your intuition
  • To see the truth
  • To recognize your defensive mechanisms, limitations, old beliefs, blocks
  • To be more present, aware and grounded
  • To be kinder, gentler, more loving, more vulnerable, more compassionate 
  • To take your power back
  • To live your life for yourself and not for others.
  • To rewrite, reprogram your life
  • Spiritual and personal growth, progress
  • To learn how to listen to yourself, your intuition
  • To recognize and break the old habits that no longer serve you

This program offers:

  • Weekly 44-minute Enlightening, Balancing &Healing sessions
  • Personal guidance for the day
  • Insights into what is going on with you on the personal level
  • Breaking of old habits
  • Writing a diary (self-reflection)
  • A deeper understanding of yourself
  • Results
  • Understanding your dreams and what your subconsciousness is telling you
  • Group work- gives you insights and realizations that will ASTOUND you!

Apply quickly and reserve a place for you. The number of spaces is limited

“Light angel mentoring has transformed my life for the better in 33 days. Meetings in a group and sharing my experiences have opened a new horizon for me to constantly observe myself and my responses in given situations on a daily basis. These skills have anchored in me, becoming a constant in my daily life. When I observe myself, I ask myself questions and then problems open up in me that arise from different situations in the past. By observing myself and trying to find the origin of my current reactions, I had an opportunity to become aware of and ground them and ultimately to let them go. I have learned that whatever comes out, even if it is painful, is a blessing because I was finally able to surrender my wounds from the past to the universe and ask for support to abandon the old. In the period of those 33 days, I was able to stand up for myself. As for my career, I turned down an important position. I realized I was manipulated with and I talked to the person in question repeatedly, but my voice was not heard and so I decided to say NO and chose myself for the first time. This decision was followed by rewards which are difficult to understand at first. I also learned the skill of writing a journal which further deepened my self-observation and identification of the causes of my response. I am grateful to myself, the girls involved, and Tjaša for mentorship. For me, this has been a major investment for the entire life. Namaste”
~ Katarina