Online Meditation: Mission and Purpose

Everything you are feeling and is opening up for you is happening for a reason, so you would be able to step more into your power, into your true essence when you are fighting it and trying to control the process, you are actually prolonging the path of learning, growing and finding your calling. All those experiences are shaping you and preparing you to serve. In the process you are finding and developing your gifts, becoming wiser and more experienced.
This meditation is dedicated to your purpose and mission.

By regularly meditating at your own home, you will slowly create a SACRED SPACE there, and you will then stop searching it elsewhere. In time you will also feel more comfortable at your home and if you have a lot of distractions, you will also learn how to put boundaries.
While our meditations, all your microphones are going to be set on mute, so you will have your own privacy (to breath deeply, cry or express anything that needs to come out).
Our intention is to feel good with ourself, in our own homes, in our own bodies ????
Some advice for magical and more effective meditations:
???? before meditation you can light a candle and incense sticks with the intention of support and healing
???? use headsets
???? Try to meditate always on the same spot (have your meditation corner)
???? I recommend that you meditate in a seated position, instead of laying down, so you don’t fall asleep, and that you stay present
???? practice deep breaths, because breath is a tool with which your body relaxes, with which you connect with yourself and can go deep within, and can support yourself in transformation and healing.
???? make sure that your spine is straight so there will be better flow of energy
???? have your legs in contact with the ground, so you will stay connected with Gaia.
Tjasa Marin
✨ Medicine Woman
✨ Mentor
✨ Counselor