Once a month

Energy exchange for prayers: EUR13

We practice our Prayers once a month, in a group, online. In a group, you will get an opportunity to share what is currently going on with you and what you would like to focus on.

I encourage a kind and loving relationship with yourself and acting from your heart. I encourage gratitude for everything we have, for everything we are, and the awareness that gratitude brings even more people, situations, and experiences which we can be grateful for. If you want the Prayers to be more powerful and effective, the key is to open your heart and allow yourself to feel (felling everything inside of you and in your life).

We practice Prayers in a group because in this way we increase their power (unified field). Practising Prayers in a group brings results also at a collective level.

Some situations in our life may seem hopeless and we may feel quite powerless, but remember that for every problem there is a solution, for every disease, there is a remedy. These situations, in particular, drive us not to give in but to surrender all our problems to higher forces, to the creator, angels, fairies, masters, star families… Pray for their help, for healing, and relief. These situations are the opportunity to let go of the ego and everything connected with it. In these situations, we can learn to be humble, to let go, and to surrender. And let these situations show us the right path. Let the total trust emerge.

Perhaps you have never tried doing Prayers in a group and don’t how powerful they can be when they come from deep peace and from the heart. I invite you to try something different. If you want different results you have to act in a different way.

ʺIf you are open and let others walk over you, this is not an act of love towards yourself; this is an act of self-sabotage and destruction. ”


  • Developing a deeper connection with your heart
  • Being more heart-centred
  • Developing heart communication
  • Developing COMPASSION towards yourself and others
  • Developing FORGIVENESS to yourself and others
  • Melting down your hardened, closed heart (because of negative experiences from the past) to become softer, kinder, gentler, and more vulnerable, more intuitive, more connected with your soul
  • Getting to know how to be heart-centred in the material world.


Share your heart’s desires with the Universe.
(When you know clearly what you desire, the Universe can provide that for you)

The purpose of this practice is:

  • In time you will feel more and more connected with your heart; you will open yourself, your heart, and nurture yourself
  • To let yourself be vulnerable, to feel
  • To get to know what HEART KNOWING and HEART UNDERSTANDING is
  • To get to know what it means to surrender, to be humble
  • To attract MIRACLES in your life, EXPERIENCE GRACE, and MERCY.

Surrender your prayers to the Universe from your heart:

  • To resolve problems
  • To ask for help from the Universe
  • For our loved ones, our relationships, wellbeing, happiness, abundance…
  • To attract a divine partner, fortune
  • For the healing or miracles to occur


The HEART is a place of peace, trust, intuition, lightness, love, acceptance, compassion, softness, kindness, gentleness, vulnerability.