My sessions are one hour to a maximum of three hours long, depending on the needs of the clients. During sessions, we focus on their current situation and then, step by step, we go deeper and deeper to the core of the problems that they want to work on or the problems that open up during the session. Sometimes they have a lot of open problems in their lives so the session is just a process of peeling off old stuff and grounding of everything: little by little, by means of deeper understanding, new aspects, perspectives, and insights. We also work on healing, balancing, and transformation of processes and use different techniques, depending on the needs of the client at the moment.


Energy exchange for my sessions:

  • One hour – EUR 77
  • Two hours – EUR 111


“You can never solve your problems with the same mindset with which you have created them.”

Na seansah:

  • delamo na tvojem mentalnem, čustvenem, fizičnem in duhovnem telesu (na čustvih, mislih, prepričanjih…)
  • delamo na razumevanju stvari večplastno, tvoje sodelovanje, lekcije (kaj te življenje uči)
  • uporabljamo različne tehnike
  • zate ustvarim varen svet prostor

Seanse izvajam preko spleta (uporabljam Zoom).

“Understanding yourself: what is actually going on inside of you, why you react the way you react, why you feel the way you feel, where does this originate from and brings you deep liberation and acceptance of yourself.”

I also teach people how they can help themselves because they can always rely only on themselves. My mission is to empower people. On my sessions, I hold a safe place for them in the process of their spiritual growth and only represent a portal through which the healing takes place.

The success of the session actually depends on how things are guided. My sessions are not really structured, actually, they are quite intuitive and differ from one another. Everything takes place in agreement with the guidance and the needs of the person in front of me.

In order for the healing to commence, it is important to face the problems. My sessions are not just plaster over their wounds. If I want to have long time results with my clients I have to work hard on their problems. It is necessary to find the real cause of their problems and work on them, layer by layer (different aspects, extremes, how they participate in and co-create situations …). And when they really understand and see what they are doing, they consequently start to act in a different way, because they know that this is the only way for them to create a different life, different situations, experiences (with the same acts they can only create the same experiences, as they did in the past)

”Emotions and feelings are the tools to open the door to a deeper understanding of yourself. So, don’t push them away. Pushing them away doesn’t mean they are not there anymore (they are stored in your body). Doing that will only bring you more confusion, sorrow, hate, disappointment, and other low-vibe emotions.”

Working with one’s ego, wounds, and defensive mechanism can be challenging. In order to survive, we have all created a number of illusions in our life. Addressing those illusions requires complete trust, determination, courage, and of course, divine timing, to be ready. Deeper wounds need greater care, more nourishment, and kindness and usually also more sessions. When the greatest traumas open up we feel the urge to run away and pretend that they don’t exist because the pain is unbearable, but it is better to face them and finally liberate yourself from them and get back the energy that was stuck in the past.

So, if you are ready, my sessions will give you a deeper understanding of yourself, your situations and challenges that you are currently struggling with. Eventually, by accepting things as they are and working on them, the work will bring you inner peace (knowledge, lightness, a better quality of life).

During the sessions, you will be able to go only as far as you will let yourself to go.

What People Are Saying

Bila sem spolno zlorabljena. Tega dolgo nisem vedela. Spomin na to se je pozno odprl. Obiskovala sem psihoterapevta, ki mi je pomagal priti do tega spoznanja. Z njim sem ogromno predelala, vendar le na mentalni ravni. Ko sem začela obiskovati Tjašine terapije, sem imela občutek, da sem pri zdravljenju spolne zlorabe šele na začetku. Z njenimi terapijami sem pričela odkrivati prizadete čustvene, duhovne in telesne ravni. Luščila sem se kot čebula, lupina za lupino. Prihajala do najglobjih bolečih plasti, programov in avtomatizmov, ki sem jih zgradila, da bi preživela in se obvarovala. Terapija se je vedno začela s pogovorom, definiranjem težave. V pogovoru mi je vedno predočila njeno videnje in čutenje moje težave. Ta del je bil zame vedno boleč. Bolečino sem poskušala odriniti, preskočiti, v meni je nastopil upor, vselej me je pretresla resnica. Nato sem se naučila, da ko se upiram takrat želim prezreti resnico. Samo priznanje sebi o bolečih dejstvih je bil prvi korak k zdravljenju. Temu je sledila energetska terapija. Ta se je izvedla v popolni tišini, s toningom ali pa v obliki vodene meditacije. To so bile vselej zelo močne terapije. Čutila sem vibracije na telesnem nivoju, odprlo se je lahko močno čustvo, videnje, uvid.. Po končani terapiji sem bila vedno zelo utrujena, potrebovala sem počitek in veliko tekočine. Tjaša je vedno preverila, kako sem in mi svetovala še kakšne zadeve.Njene terapije so bile zame vedno aktivacije, ki so sprožile zdravljenje na čustveni, duhovni in telesni ravni v daljšem časovnem obdobju. Tjaši sem hvaležna za njeno delo in vodenje v tem procesu zdravljenja, ki se še ni končalo, in tudi za njeno nesebično deljenje sebe, njenih bogatih izkušenj in znanja.



Tjaša’s therapies broaden your mind by sending you into the depth, into yourself. She is sincere, she always works from herself, from the heart. She always finds the origin and confronts you with it. She does this in a simple, understandable way but still directly, without wriggling. You can observe the effects of therapies on your life, which gives you confirmation that you have taken a step in the right direction.”



After treatment, after all the time, with her help, I was finally able to see why and how well-being, events, and people came into my life. How to open your eyes and see things, face the pain and fears you cause yourself and how you can avoid and help yourself. I still have a lot of work to do, but with her help, energy and great knowledge, I can easily shape myself into the best shape of myself. I am sincerely grateful to her. She really is an Angel.”



Tjaša helped me tremendously in the period when my mother passed away. She kept an open and safe space for me so that I allowed myself to process very difficult and deep things. The whole underworld opened up to me at that time and many things surfaced up. If you are in a difficult process and need someone to help you on your way through the underworld, Tjaša is definitely the right person to help you go through that. I am forever grateful to you, Tjaša!”


“It’s been three years since Tjaša entered my path as mentor, healer and therapist. It started with a workshop about heart’s desires and soon continued in the in-depth exploration of my conscious and unconscious field. Browsing oneself is not exactly the most enjoyable thing, but with Tjaša’s support, with a sacred space that she has created with her presence and the presence of supportive energies and beings during therapies, I sometimes went through the process easily, and sometimes not so easily. It depends on the willingness of my soul. Tjaša’s approaches are intuitive, pre(un)determined, as they are guided and channeled. Through Tjaša I got to know the esoteric world as I have only sensed it so far and read about it in books, and accepted my multidimensionality from the times and spaces of my lives. She’s brought the world of galactic beings closer to me, in the Light Mentorship program she guided me and showed me the multilayers of my actions, helped me see my patterns, beliefs that I lived and still live with. There is no way back, learning with her mentoring is working on yourself every day until the last day of life.”


I have already had quite a few treatments with Tjaša. To be honest, I have got and always get accurate information from her that is important in a given situation and plays a key role in resolving the situation. All her insights are completely accurate and extremely direct, which scares you a bit at first, but I know that the next steps that need to be done are exclusively on my part to follow the instructions and resolve the situation, because the insights are complete and accurate. Also, all treatments are always precise and completely correctly directed, it is important that I am ready and follow her with my energy and that I do not block the treatment unnecessarily due to fear and my own ego, because in most cases we can block the energy by ourselves because the right intention is just not there in us. If I am prepared both physically and energetically, the results of the treatments are absolutely amazing.”


I’ve always had a great time with Tjaša. With her compassion, peace, and warmth, she relaxed me so I could focus on myself, release the brakes, and indulge in exploring myself. She knows how to listen, she understands, sums up and tells even the most unpleasant facts in a very gentle way and without beating about the bush. I like that she accepts you the way you are, senses the best in a person, never judges or patronizes people, and always finds a word of encouragement that does its magic in the moments when you need it.”


Tjasa is an amazing, loving and beautiful very down to Earth healer with deep wisdom and wide knowledge. Before everything came back into its place again (in more stable, lighter, self-loving, true self way), all old essences had to fell off. She had guided me to realise them, gave me tools to let them go and helped me seen situations through different perspective. The effects of her sessions are immediate, forever-lasting but the transformative process can be evolving even for half a year. She is also there to support you on this journey. I deeply recommend her to everyone who is ready to go through deep inner and outer transformation. “


My life is becoming easy, it is full of optimism… the time has come when I choose myself, with a great deal of self-love… I love myself, appreciate myself and respect myself, I accept my past and myself in this moment, the way I am. My heart rejoices and opens to love. I am full of energy, I do my work with ease and enthusiasm. I have time for myself, for my little “rituals” and for all that makes me happy. Mornings became the most beautiful part of the day. The light anchors in me and everything old gradually falls away. I trust and believe in myself more and more. Many therapies have not succeeded to open up this dimension of experiencing the world and myself to me. Tjaša’s therapies, meditations and treatments have introduced new dimensions of perception, feeling, experience and understanding of myself on my path of personal growth. Perceiving my own feelings and reacting in given situations is the key to changing my past behavioral patterns. Awareness and intention of what you want to change is enough. It’s so simple… I’m grateful for this invaluable experience. A higher power has chosen me and offered me a new way of personal recovery that turned my life around for the better.”