In this first book entitled I shared my soul and heart with you.

I’ve wanted to write a book for years and to be honest, I wanted to write it already in high school, and then I gave up on this dream for a very long time… but when the soul wants something, when something calls you, it naturally, totally unplanned comes back; then I gathered courage, but when the time is right, things happen on their own.

Life pushes you into it, it guides you, things slowly come together until they manifest, materialize, here and now.




I have prepared 36 thoughts for you, different topics that will take you on an inner journey, exploring yourself and what is that you want and don’t want. With the help of additional questions for inner travel, you will be able to rebuild things in your life, so that they will be in alignment with what you want to create, with what you want to become in this process. You will also have the chance to rewrite the old patterns.

For the first time, I also shared with you my illustrations, or better said  the “language of the stars,” which will support you in reprogramming your mind.

The beauty of this book is also that you can also use it as oracle cards, ask it for the guidance of the day and open it to the right page for you with the help of your intuition. 

In addition, if you follow all the instructions and steps in the book, you will be able to create healthy and supportive habits in your life and thus improve the quality of your life.

Additional information


144 * 222 mm, 5.67 x 8.75 inches (cca)




Pocket book



The Book is a wonderful guide for every day and also the perfect present for your loved ones!



What People Are Saying

The book is a great tool in laying new foundations for life. But not that life you’ve lived so far, life which you want.

The book contains tips and advice that open your eyes and guide you to actively change your everyday life. With small steps and a few minutes of work each day, the book is like a workbook with exercises that will, with perseverance and without fear, lead you to the goal you set for yourself.

Courageously embark on the path to realizing the best version of yourself and really get to know each other. Be aware of what no longer serves you, let it go and get on the right track. You will succeed in this with one reminder a day to support you every day.


Tjasa!! Thank you for creating such a sweet book!

A reminder a day is such a beautiful little book in so many ways. It is laced with beautiful light language artwork which I loved and covers some really relevant topics in bite size pieces. I found the questions very helpful as it guided me to dive deeper and ask myself some tougher questions that I know I would have not explored without the prompt.

Such a brilliant, light and helpful book for me.  so many thank you’s!!


“The present book will help you better understand yourself and your behavior. Its guidance will help you cultivate compassion and deepen your love for yourself, and over time you will feel more calm and heartfelt. I warmly invite you to use its potential and become the best version of yourself.”

Saša Krajnc