The Calendar (Guide 2021)

Step on the path of your purpose, mission.

This year I decided to offer a printed calendar (GUIDE 2021) there are so many different reasons for that considering this year's situation.

I co-created this beautiful calendar with the amazing artist Susie Nativa.

I shared with her the messages I received for an upcoming year, and for each following month, and then she channeled it in her own way and put her essence in it.

And the illustrations- activators were born. They each contain light codes, which speak directly to your soul and bypass your mind and all the: whys, hows, whens...



Additional information


16 x 30 cm – cca. x 6.29 inches 11.8




Digital print on high-quality thick paper


About the Calendar 2021

With each month you also get a mantra, because the power of the words we use and speak is tremendous.

Mantras can help you with reprogramming your mind and your life.

The Calendar · 2021

  • Mantra each month
  • Activators for each month
  • Light codes which directly speak to your soul

What People Are Saying

"As a journalist, it is extremely important for me to be well organized. This is how I use the Guide on a daily basis to keep track of my activities and responsibilities so that I can coordinate the course of my day easily. In addition, I stay in touch with myself because of the guidance and quotations within the Guide that motivate me. I read the text several times each month at the beginning and it helps me to subconsciously change my mind over a period of time. I also learned some new rituals that help me understand the power that each individual carries within them. I also like the size and quality of the paper."


"A real Guide that doesn't leave you, even if you leave it."


"The guide gave me further confirmation that I should always follow my intuition everywhere, as if I already knew everything that is written, but someone just put it in words for me. It is my pleasure to read the new announcement every month, look at the sky, smile and look forward to everything that life brings mse."


"Dear Ana and Tjasa! Thank you for creating the Guide 2019. You beautifly put together the year-round forecasts, pictures, a space for notes ... I look forward to every new month, every time I open it some deep message helps me stay connected with myself and be more aware of everything that is happening in and around me. For me, it's the best Guide I've ever had!" 


"The trust in the Guide grows month by month as I realize that the writings are aligned with what is happening in my life. The pictures support this experience, and even though I do not use it as a planner, I am happy to reopen it and read the hidden wisdom in it."


"I enjoy using The Guide as it not only enables me to organise my days as any planner would but it also took me on a journey through this year in a way I haven’t experienced before. I love reading guidance for every month and connecting to the picture. Thank you for this wonderful creation, I am excited for the next one"