Meditation membership

From: 49.00 / month

Access to all meditations + 4 new meditations per month

I create monthly meditations according to the guidance that I get from my guides, according to what is happening on the collective level, according to the position of the planets, full and new moon, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, etc.

I organise 4 meditations per month to support you in what is currently going on, which you can access with one of these plans (monthly, summer, annual): Meditation Pioneer, Meditation Enthusiast, Meditation Junkie.

With membership, you get access to monthly meditations and the possibility of participating in each of them live and you also get access to all the other already published meditations. So you can now dedicate your free time to meditation and try other meditations available.

“Listen to your inner voice, ask yourself what you currently need, choose a meditation according to this and you will always be on the right path.”

Please read more about the different packages below.


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Monthly visit: €49 (instead of €52)

For all of you who want to dedicate a month to yourselves and explore your depths and dedicate yourselves to meditation. For all of you who want to relax, relax your body, accumulated stress, emotions, unnecessary thoughts, etc. In this way, you regularly clear away everything that does not serve you, given the current monthly events.
(regular service; cleaning)

Half a year: €222

For all of you who want regular support through meditation and in this way keep in touch with yourselves and your inner happenings, no matter what is happening outside of you, and thus maintain stability and peace in a life that is always full of everything and can always surprise us in one way or another.

For all of you who want to make contact with your body and what is going on inside it, establish a stronger connection with it and better understand its internal processes, who want to be aware of your emotions and thoughts, how they are manifested, where in the body they are located, so that the necessary transformation and change can take place.

For all of you who want to create a life with less stress and fewer worries, be aware and rewrite your patterns of thinking and acting that no longer serve you, who receive healing through regular meditation and establish a balance in yourselves and your life.

For the whole year €555

For all of you who want regular support with meditation and get to know different ways how it can support you, and win all these ways with our one-year journey together. For all of you who, step by step, with the help of meditation, want to become more conscious, aware, grounded and present in the moment, here and now, become more free, light-hearted, happy, calmer, connected to yourselves.
You will be able to learn how you can completely calm your mind (with meditation) and be only with yourself and in this way dedicate these few moments a day only to yourself, your body, meditation.

By meditating regularly, you will release stress, emotions, unnecessary thoughts, old beliefs, records, memories … everything you carry within you. You will become masters of meditation, learn in practice the power of breathing and how we can travel through it wherever we want, release tensions, emotions, thoughts, etc.

For all of you who want to go with me on a meditative journey and persevere on it despite various resistances, obstacles … and completely indulge in this journey, for all of you who want to explore.