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From: 99.00 / month

Access to all Meditations, Activations, Active Dreaming, and Heart Requests + 4 meditations per month, Activation, Active Dreaming and Heart Requests

I create monthly meditations, activations, active dreaming and prayers in accordance with the guidance and instructions from my guides, relative to what is happening on the collective level, in accordance with the position of the planets, full and new moon, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes etc.

Every month I organise 4 meditations, an activation, active dreaming and prayers to support you in what is currently going on, which you can access with one of these plans (monthly, summer, annual): Nurturing, Growing, Becoming.

With membership, you get access to monthly content and the possibility of attending current events, you also get access to all other already published contents. In this way you can dedicate your free time to yourself and try out other available contents.

“Listen to your inner voice, ask yourself what you need right now, choose a meditation according to it and you will always be on the right path.”

Please read more about the different packages below.


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Monthly visit: €99

For all of you who crave spiritual pampering, recharging, healing, relaxation and rest.
For all of you who want one month of intense work on yourselves: to perform the meditations available each month, plant seeds and set an intention with monthly activation, send your heartfelt requests into the Universe and dream about the life of your dreams, and open the door, create conditions for it.

Half a year: €555
Determination to growth, to change.

For all of you who feel that things in your lives are not what you would like them to be, who feel that it is time for a change that some things need to change radically. For all of you who are committed to spiritual growth and development, who are committed to the change you want to become.

All year: €888

For all of you who want to become a true version of yourselves, to step into your own strength and power, into your true essence.
For all of you who want to reconnect with yourselves, make contact with yourselves, your guides, soul, higher self.
For all of you who want to better understand and get to know yourselves, your actions (actions, reactions)
For all of you who want to discover your true gifts, talents and abilities; discover your mission. For all of you who want to get to know your knowledge and gifts, become connected to yourselves and your inner voice, to your guides.

On this journey, with regular practice, you will be able to find inner peace, create stability, trust within yourself, truly connect with yourself and your soul, anchor different knowledge, light codes …
Establish a balance of mind, spirit and body.