Once a week: every Tuesday or Wednesday

 Energy exchange for meditation: 13 EUR

 »Meditation as a way to nurture and take care of yourself.«

 Your body is your temple. This is why it is really important that we treat it nicely and take care of it. Body holds inside all the memories, (suppressed, not expressed) emotions that we don’t have the courage or don’t know how to express them, and stress. And then they manifest as different blockages that can lead to diseases.

Meditation is one of the tools with which we can regularly connect with ourselves and breath through the experiences, emotions, thoughts that are currently present in us. Breath them trough by just seeing them, being aware of what is going on, which will give us peace.

 Why meditating regularly:

–       Deeper connection with yourself and everything that is going on within, inside you

–       You become lighter: regular work on the things that are bothering you

–       In time you learn conscious breathing (connecting with your breath with different parts of your body),

–       You are calmer, more confident, more connected

–       You learn how to calm your thoughts and really just be with yourself, just with the breath; be present, be grounded, be in the moment

–       Less stress, less worry

–       Meditation can be balancing, transforming, relaxing… depending on what you are working on.


Group meditations are more powerful, because of the power of a group (unified field).  

 In the world that we are living there are so many fear, judgment, destruction, confusion… and this is why it is really important to take time to connect with ourselves. We are exposed to so much information, energies… and it is important that we balance that. Ground ourselves regularly.

 At the same time we also have so many errands, responsibilities… so it is important to take some quiet time: to just be with yourself and what you feel inside; to care, nurture yourself.

 Our way of life can really make us to forget about ourselves: If we forget we really are, what we need, desire… We get lost in everything. We lose ourself. So it is important to maintain that connection with yourself; to focus on yourself regularly.

It is important to be PRESENT; GROUNDED, in your BODY, so you can better deal with everything in your life.

When you are connected with yourself, you don’t have so much DOUBTs, INSECURITies, because you know who you are and what you want. You also don’t have problems with making decisions, knowing your needs and desires.

 Of course it takes time to come to that stage, but when you are practicing meditation in a group, the energy, power expand and you can get better results in a shorter time.

 Meditation will also help you relax your mind and body and connect you more with your soul, higher self. Of course it takes practice, but because of all the results it brings, it is worth it.

I am doing guided meditations (on-line: zoom) in a group. I always explain everything and I will guide you in the process: you will simply follow my voice and different required steps…. and then dive deep within.

 Other scientifically proven advantages of meditation:

–       better focus, concentration and you are consequently more productive,

–       less stress,

–       better memory,

–       balancing blood pressure,

–       better immune systems, less pain,

–        more compassion,

–       less depressive, emotional balanced,

–       more fertile,

–       better skin,

–       less impulsive; less cravings, addictions,

–       more optimistic, more content,

–       deeper acceptance of yourself and others,

–       better sleep



 Once a month

Energy exchange for prayers: 13 EUR

 Giving your prayers to the Universe from your heart:

–       For the things to solve out

–       To ask for help from the Universe

–       For our loved ones, our relationships, wellbeing, happiness, abundance, future

–       To attract divine partner, fortune,

–       For the healing, miracles to occur

Share with the Universe our heart desires.

We are practicing prayers in a group because this is how it is more powerful (unified field).

The purpose of this practice is:

–       that in time you will feel more and more connected with your heart; open yourself more, your heart more, nurture yourself,

–       let yourself to be vulnerable, to feel.

–       Get to know what HEART KNOWING and HEART UNDERSTANDING is,

–       Get to know what means to really surrender, be in humility.

–       Attract MIRACLES in your life, EXPERIENCE GRACE and MERCY.

HEART is a place of peace, trust,intuition, lightness, love, acceptance, compasion, softness, kindness, gentleness, vulnerability


–       Develop a deeper connection with your heart.

–       Being more heart centered.

–       Developing heart communication

–       Developing COMPASSION towards yourself and others

–       Developing FORGIVENESS to yourself and others.

–       Melting down your hardened, closed heart (because of bad experiences from the past) to become softer, kinder, gentler and more vulnerable, more intuitive, more connected with your soul.

–       Getting to know how to be heart-centered in the material world.

Praying in a prayer position and explore other options.

»If you are just open and than let others to walk over you, this is not an act of love towards yourself; this is an act of self-sabotage and destruction.«



Once a month: new moon, new possibilities

Energy exchange for dreaming: 11 EUR

 »(For a child) NO doesn’t exist; It is not possible doesn’t exist.«

Join me on DREAMING JOURNEYS where we will:

–       Play with our mind on the DIVINE PLAYGROUND

–       Where how and when doesn’t exist… We just PLAY with the Universe

–       Where you can see and feel all the unlimited possibilities

–       Where the unimaginable become imaginable


–       Where we HAVE FUN

–       Where we will create the unimaginable, nonexisting, innovative

–       Where we TRUST INTO THE UNKNOWN 

–       Where you DREAM your dream and become a DREAMER



Want to CHANGE your life for the better but the changes never stick? Are you ready to see yourself grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually in just 33 days and watch as the changes take hold in your life, the old habits tossed away, and the new you emerges like a butterfly from the cocoon? IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!

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 This program offers:

  • Once a Week 45min Enlightening, Balancing, & Healing Sessions
  • Personal Guidance of the Day
  • Daily Insights on What is Going With You Personally
  • Breaking Old Habits
  • Journaling- Reflection of Thy Self
  • Prayer
  • Deeper Understanding of Yourself
  • Results
  • Understanding Your Dreams and What Your Subconscious is Telling You
  • Group work- give you insights and realizations that will ASTOUND you!

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