Here I want to offer two free rituals from year 2020’s guide

Obred ob prazni luni

Za obred potrebuješ:

  • svetlomodro, belo ali srebrno svečo
  • list papirja in pisalo

First, take your time to connect with yourself and the moon. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and take about 5 minutes for deep breaths and relaxation. With every deep inhale, let your body relax and calm down untilyou are in absolute peace, relaxation, and balance. Then, focus on your heart and from it, connect to the moon and its energy with every exhale. Continue to breathe in and try to feel your heart’s true desires, what seeds you would like to plant for the next new moon. Stay in your heart and give to the moon every desire, one by one. Let them go, surrender them, and allow everything to happen. Let the moon provide you with everything – you need to realize your desires by means of instructions, guidance, let her bring you the right people and situations. In order to be able to receive all the blessings, open up your heart. Allow yourself to see, hear, know, feel, and receive. Then thank the moon for all her love, guidance, and support you will get in the upcoming days for as long as you need them.

Afterwards, write down everything that is important, all your wishes, and when you’re done put a light blue, silver, or white candle on a piece of paper and lit it – activate it with intention. Let the candle burn out completely.

Obred ob polni luni

Za obred potrebuješ: 

  • skledo, napolnjeno z vodo
  • prozoren pokrov

Polna luna pomeni zaključevanje, konec cikla, zato si na ta dan vzemi čas in naredi pregled nad tem, kaj od tega, kar si si zadal ob zadnji prazni luni, si uspel ustvariti. Po pregledu dejanskega stanja razmisli o tem, ali so danes tvoje srčne želje in cilji še vedno enaki. Za tem se loti samega obreda.

First, prepare everything you need, make yourself comfortable, and make sure you’re in complete darkness, then close your eyes and connect with your heart, then with Mother Earth (down) and finally with the moon (up) that will be your allies and friends for the day. Afterwards, take a bowl filledwith water and hold it in your hands. Look for the moon’s reflection in the water and look deep into it. Repeat deep inhales and deep exhales. With every exhale, give to the moon, from the peace in your heart, all that troubles you and ask her for help. Continue with telling her all your heart’s true desires, one by one. After you have surrendered everything to the moon, thank her for her support and assistance and close the lid/cover on the bowl. Leave it exposed to the moon throughout the night, allowing her to fill the water with all the information and energy you need. The water will be filling up with the healing powers of the moon throughout the night, and in the morning it will be ready for you to drink it. By doing so you will receive the support you might need in the upcoming challenges.