Online meditation with the moon and Mother Mary

On Thursday 15th of August is a special day: full moon and Mother Mary day.

There are going to be some magical energies on that day and this is way I decided to offer a meditation, in which we will work on relationships: relationship that you have towards yourself and relationship that you have with others.
We will also work on forgiveness and letting go of everything that is not serving you anymore.

Some advice for magical and more effective meditations: ????
– before meditation you can light a candle with the intention of support and healing
– use headsets
– Try to meditate always on the same spot (have your meditation cornet)
– Meditate better sitting, than laying down, so you don’t fall to sleep and stay present
– practice deep breaths, because breath is a magical tool with which your body relaxes, with which you connect with yourself and can go really deep within, and can support yourself in transformation and healing.
– make sure that your spine is straight so there will be better flow of energy
– have your legs in contact with the ground, so you will stay connected with Gaia

Tjasa Marin
????Medicine Woman