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5 Intuitive session pack

Join me on one month JOURNEY of better understanding your core issues and challenges at the time.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Location 1

Service Description

VIDEO My sessions are two hours long. During sessions we focus on your current situation and then, step by step, we go deeper and deeper to the core of the problems that you want to work on or the challenges that open up during the session. Sometimes you have a lot of the things open up, so the session is just a process of peeling off old stuff and grounding of everything: little by little, by means of deeper understanding, new aspects, perspectives, and insights. We also work on healing, balancing, and transformation of processes and use different techniques, depending on the needs of the client at the moment. I also teach people how they can help themselves because they can always rely only on themselves. My mission is to empower people. On my sessions I hold a safe place for them in the process of their spiritual growth and only represent a portal through which the healing takes place. The success of the session actually depends on how things are guided. My sessions are not really structured, actually, they are quite intuitive and differ from one another. Everything takes place in agreement with the guidance and the needs of the person in front of me. In order for the healing to commence it is important to face the problems. My sessions are not just a plaster over their wounds. If I want to have long time results with my clients I have to work hard on their problems. It is necessary to find the real cause of their problems and work on them, layer by layer (different aspects, extremes, how they participate in and co-create situations …). And when they really understand and see what they are doing, they consequently start to act in a different way, because they know that this is the only way for them to create a different life, different situations, experiences (with the same acts they can only create the same experiences, like they did in the past) Working with one's ego, wounds, and defensive mechanism can be challenging. In order to survive we have all created a number of illusions in our life. Addressing those illusions requires complete trust, determination, courage, and of course, divine timing, to be ready. Deeper wounds need greater care, more nourishment, and kindness and usually also more sessions. When the greatest traumas open up we feel the urge to run away and pretend that they don't exist, because the pain is unbearable, but it is better to face them and finally

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