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Divine grace

Divine grace

What is grace? Grace is the exercise of love, kindness, mercy to benefit and serve others. Just support each other whatever is going on for us, without judgement, every path is different. We all have different lessons and judgement doesn't help no one. It is just a...

Growth process

Growth process

Process of growth never ends, we are always growing, evolving. There's always something new we can explore. We can stop that because we are in the comfort zone or stuck in something, but we came to Earth to grow and experience this physical reality.The year is 2020 is...

Long sleeping parts

Long sleeping parts

Did you always feel like something was missing in your life? Like, things were repeating over and over again, and you didn't understand why, what's the lesson in this situation. So, if there's something like this, this topic is going to be really interesting for...



What it actually means is who is an empath and how can you support yourself? I'm just gonna share my own knowledge about it, what I have learned with it, because I can say I'm one of them. It can be overwhelming sometimes. We are always learning on our paths. We can...

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What People Are Saying

Working with Tjaša is empowering and very healing whether it’s therapy sessions, activations or meditations. In a few months time I`ve noticed how much I`ve grown and healed with her guidance and support. I`m grateful for being able to work with her. She`s trully and amazing and powerful medicine woman.”

Nina Tomažin

I have been working with Tjasa for a couple of months now and she is highly educated in her coaching and a very powerful healer. I have gone to quite a few different healers which were all great healers but now I would not go to anyone else but her. I recommend her 100%!”


Lauren Egle

It’s been three years since Tjaša entered my path as mentor, healer and therapist. It started with a workshop about heart’s desires and soon continued in the in-depth exploration of my conscious and unconscious field. Browsing oneself is not exactly the most enjoyable thing, but with Tjaša’s support, with a sacred space that she has created with her presence and the presence of supportive energies and beings during therapies, I sometimes went through the process easily, and sometimes not so easily. It depends on the willingness of my soul. Tjaša’s approaches are intuitive, pre(un)determined, as they are guided and channeled. Through Tjaša I got to know the esoteric world as I have only sensed it so far and read about it in books, and accepted my multidimensionality from the times and spaces of my lives. She’s brought the world of galactic beings closer to me, in the Light Mentorship program she guided me and showed me the multilayers of my actions, helped me see my patterns, beliefs that I lived and still live with. There is no way back, learning with her mentoring is working on yourself every day until the last day of life.”



Tjasa is an amazing, loving and beautiful very down to Earth healer with deep wisdom and wide knowledge. Before everything came back into its place again (in more stable, lighter, self-loving, true self way), all old essences had to fell off. She had guided me to realise them, gave me tools to let them go and helped me seen situations through different perspective. The effects of her sessions are immediate, forever-lasting but the transformative process can be evolving even for half a year. She is also there to support you on this journey. I deeply recommend her to everyone who is ready to go through deep inner and outer transformation.”


I have been working with Tjaša almost from the very beginning of her therapies, and throughout this period I have been able to get to know her way of working well. She works with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and dedicates herself completely to you as a client and performs the therapy on several levels. Despite potential initial reservations about the visit or consultation, I recommend that you summon the courage and take this step back to yourself.”


Tjasa Marin was recommended to me by a good friend whom she has helped to overcome some of her problems. She’s had a really good experience with her, so I decided to give her a try, since I had a problem that I didn’t know how to solve. First we talked about the problem and other areas in my life that were not supporting me… After that we did different types of meditations, worked with crystals, cards… and of course she also gave me homework to record my dreams and write about everything that I was feeling. After our first session I felt better and different immediately. We came to the point where my ‘problem’ was not a problem anymore and I stopped feeling angry, sad, miserable… I also started seeing things in a different way and everything slowly fell into the right place.

So, I recommend Tjasa to all those out there who believe there is something more, who believe in energy, because that has helped me. Thank you Tjaša”


Ana Logar

Working on myself has gained a whole new dimension through therapies with Tjaša. After each therapy, I can notice changes that I make in my daily routines. For a year and a half of working with her, I stopped smoking, drinking alcohol, changed my diet, dropped 12kg. But these are only spontaneous and easy consequences of major internal changes. I started to love myself and follow my path. In the meantime, I’ve had a complete reset of all relationships – with myself, with people, with my work. I’m learning completely new ways of working and living. For the first time in my life, I truly feel, live, create from the depths of myself. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart if you really want to make changes in your life. “

Ana Baraga

I’ve always had a great time with Tjaša. With her compassion, peace, and warmth, she relaxed me so I could focus on myself, release the brakes, and indulge in exploring myself. She knows how to listen, she understands, sums up and tells even the most unpleasant facts in a very gentle way and without beating about the bush. I like that she accepts you the way you are, senses the best in a person, never judges or patronizes people, and always finds a word of encouragement that does its magic in the moments when you need it.”


“I came into contact with Tjaša due to my back problems, for which we found that the physical pain was the result of accumulated emotions from the past. We then performed some individual meditations, and later I also joined group meditations. Each visit enabled me to get rid of the clutter that accumulates in us every day in different situations and at the same time I began to get to know myself and my responses, which made it easier for me to function in both the private and business world. Thanks.”


After treatment, after all the time, with her help, I was finally able to see why and how well-being, events, and people came into my life. How to open your eyes and see things, face the pain and fears you cause yourself and how you can avoid and help yourself. I still have a lot of work to do, but with her help, energy and great knowledge, I can easily shape myself into the best shape of myself. I am sincerely grateful to her. She really is an Angel


“Tjaša, thank you! Thank you for helping me open the door. 

The door to something most beautiful a person can experience in life and especially thank you for helping me open my eyes and show me the right way/path. Thank you for being there for me all the time, guiding me and giving me hope and trust. Thank you so much!

I strongly recommend her to everyone, no matter where you find yourself at the moment, no matter how hard you think it is, no matter how old you are, no matter what. Tjasa will help you with all of her heart and be there by your side until you are able to stand and walk alone. “

Sindija Hocevar

I found out about Tjaša through a good friend who regularly attends her meditations. 

Only through conversation with him I immediately knew that I had to visit her, but first I was postponing it because I didn’t know what to expect (I didn’t know anything about meditation), until one day I decided to go to a session. Before visiting her, I told her that I didn’t know anything about those things so we went through hours of clearing and learning about meditation and breathing. Even if I just sat still it was unbelievable. I went through everything: I was crying, freezing, feeling heat, feeling nervous and relaxed. I also liked the fact that she had recorded our session because now I can always go back there, listen to it and see how much I have grown from our first session. I learnt a lot about myself through meditation and Tjasa has this special energy that will lift you up or just put you in a state of peace, like being in a bubble, make you feel good in the moment. With her help you will certainly look at things differently and get an insight, an explanation for the things that you haven’t understood before. I think that in the world that we live in we should all look and work more on our inside at least half as much as we put on our looks, because this is where you can find real happiness and peace. For all these reasons I always recommend Tjasa to all of my friends that are interested in those things  and until now they have all had good experiences with her.”

Petra Krulc

My life is becoming easy, it is full of optimism… the time has come when I choose myself, with a great deal of self-love… I love myself, appreciate myself and respect myself, I accept my past and myself in this moment, the way I am. My heart rejoices and opens to love. I am full of energy, I do my work with ease and enthusiasm. I have time for myself, for my little “rituals” and for all that makes me happy. Mornings became the most beautiful part of the day. The light anchors in me and everything old gradually falls away. I trust and believe in myself more and more. Many therapies have not succeeded to open up this dimension of experiencing the world and myself to me. Tjaša’s therapies, meditations and treatments have introduced new dimensions of perception, feeling, experience and understanding of myself on my path of personal growth. Perceiving my own feelings and reacting in given situations is the key to changing my past behavioral patterns. Awareness and intention of what you want to change is enough. It’s so simple… I’m grateful for this invaluable experience. A higher power has chosen me and offered me a new way of personal recovery that turned my life around for the better.”